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Property Photographer West Yorkshire

Another busy week last week and as ever just loved every minute and especially the few days when the sun was shining :-)

I hope you have all remembered to put them clocks forward today Sunday 28th March?

Anyway I thought it was time to share some absolutely stunning properties from last week in and around the whole of West Yorkshire shooting for quite a few different agents now so really appreciate any agents that continue to use me

When I get a property job I always ring the vendors and if I cant get through straight away just send a text, I always think when you make contact its also good to give the vendors some tips to get their property ready for photos so I always send a staging guide you can see on THIS page of our web site. Overall the majority of vendors really do go to a lot of effort to get their property ready for photos which I believe (plus its been proven) will get the sale a lot quicker plus get closer to or over the asking price, the photos (in a market of stacks of similar properties) will get more buyers through the door!

Get in touch to see what we can do for you!

Here are just a handful of gorgeous properties all over the West Yorkshire area last week



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