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Property Photographer Huddersfield

Well as we come to the end of November and into the Xmas month of December I hope everyone is ready for the big day and looking forward to it? We absolutely LOVE Xmas here at Image-I-Nation Photography and today is the tree putting up day!

November has been another busy month (love it) in the property market with lots of vendors getting their houses on the market and loads of agents wanting professional property images for their marketing plus virtual tours etc (love doing Matterport)

I did make myself a promise and I would try to keep this blog updated so below are a few stand out properties from the last few weeks for numerous agents all over the West Yorkshire regions

I started my Xmas pressie run last week and I have made sure all the agents that use me will get a Xmas pressie treat as a way of me saying thanks

Until next time...

Kev x

Absolutely LOVE this kitchen diner space at a recent property and love the led lights all around the base of the kitchen units

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