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London Photographer

Well December was a great month with some time off in London as well as various other things. We absolutely LOVE London and I always enjoy shooting whilst down there (all images in this post shot with iPhone)

We set off on the train (so much easier than driving and trying to find a parking place too) and after a few train problems (sat for a few hours and a few brews not going anywhere) we eventually arrived in London at Kings Cross before getting a taxi to our hotel just round the corner from the London Eye

Whilst we were in London we made sure we did lots of stuff including a visit to the Winter Wonderland, checking out how gorgeous inside the Savoy is (how friendly were the staff absolute FAB), we visited Buckingham Palace and Harrods in Knightsbridge plus lots of other stuff. London really is an experience and I always enjoy time there. Maybe one one I will take my DSLR down and get some night time shots? How fab would that be?

All the images shown here are nothing special they are just from my iPhone with minimal edits if any

Enjoy and have a fab New Year and see you in 2022

K x

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