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Home & Manor Huddersfield

A few months ago I started shooting for Home & Manor a new Estate Agency in the Huddersfield area and have to say they have sent me some gorgeous properties to shoot over the last few months so defo thought it was time to share some as they are all live (some actually sold now though)

Below are some randomly selected shots, just made in to a collage from some of the properties from the last few months.

I really can't stress enough to vendors if you do your bit by making the property as tidy and clutter free as possible then this will have a massive impact in the sale of the property PLUS you could actually achieve a higher selling price (honestly I have seen it happen all the time)

So for a little investment for professional property photos you will actually make more money in the long term!

I can send a staging guide to help with this so always ask for any tips


Home & Manor Huddersfield

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