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Home And Manor Huddersfield

This week I shot a lovely property for Home And Manor a new estate agent in Kirkheaton Huddersfield

I met Kelly the agent at the property and after a few little tweaks we were good to go, the property looked amazing and the vendor (who was really lovely) had made the place super clean, tidy and honestly it was just a dream to shoot.

When I arrived at the property it was raining slightly so I really was praying for it to stop so I could get some drone shots at the front of the property before I left (my prayers were defo answered though as I said goodbye I noticed the rain had stopped so I got the drone out and with the open views at the rear of the property I really think this was an added benefit to this job!

Take a look at some images in a collage style below

Also click HERE to view the listing on Rightmove, I really don't think this will be online for long

Home And Manor Huddersfield

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